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Volunteer to
Get Out the Vote

Here are ways you can help increase voter awareness and turnout in our communities, as well as support Election Day.

Voter Registration & Education

Interested in non-partisan efforts for increasing voter registration in Franklin County? Join in the efforts of Franklin Votes by volunteering on the planning committee or at events. Fill out our Volunteer Interest Form to receive emails with volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer with #FixHarrisburg

A bi-partisan campaign to improve PA's legislative process. Our Goal: Not Red, Not Blue, Just Fair. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities both local and state-wide.

Join a Local Party Committee

Political Party Committees steer the direction of their party and organize for their party's candidates across the ballot.

Canvassing: Republicans

Local canvassing efforts focused on Republican candidates are coordinated by the Franklin County Republican Committee.

Canvassing and Call/Text Banks: Democrats

Local canvassing and call bank efforts focused on Democratic candidates are coordinated by PA Dems

Sign Up as a County Poll Worker

Poll workers are responsible for administering election procedures in each polling place. Poll workers are paid and must be hired by the county.

Questions? Contact the Commissioners Office:

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